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The Quest

Walking Portland, Burning Calories After One Serious Burger!

Work took me to a conference in Portland for a few days. I heard a lot about Portland, about the Pacific Northwest in...

Just Getting to Dubai Was an Adventure in Itself

It’s been years since my last international flight. Pre-9/11 actually. Back then, though, the traveling abroad was back and forth to Germany where my...
Najwa with a rabbit on her head - Istanbul, Turkey

Quick Walk Around The Block From The Hotel in Istanbul

There is no such place as a major city without a McDonald’s . And we Americans, even when we’re in foreign countries and are...
North Beach, Maryland

Day Trip to North Beach

Every summer we’ll take a day trip to the ocean . For this year’s 4th of July, we went to North Beach, just north...

Najwa Missing the Finger-Licking Enjoyment of Buffalo Wings

Life is going to present challenges almost every single day. It's always a constant struggle to not let them get us down. ...
Wilmington, Delaware

Day Trip To Wilmington Delaware

Before the summer ends, and since it’s a three day weekend, we decided to get away for a couple of days. Instead of...
Kalmar Nyckel in Wilmington, Delaware

Exploring The Kalmar Nyckel Museum In Delaware

Around the corner from our visit to Fort Christina Park is a museum, featuring the Kalmar Nyckel, but also a tribute to world exploration...