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BBQ Festival

We've been coming to the BBQ Festival in DC for quite some time. The first few times it was about hitting every booth,...
Bosporus, Istanbul, Turkey

Bosphorus Boat Tour In Istanbul, Turkey

After waiting a little longer than I would’ve preferred, we were finally on our way to the boat for the Bosphorus Boat Tour. As...

Dad Job #1: Ensuring Our Little Girls Don’t Grow Up to be ‘Little Girls’

Being a dad to a daughter has its challenges, for sure, but none is more important than encouraging our little girls to explore the world and become whoever they want to be.
Najwa at TGIF in Washington DC

The Magic Spells Our Kids Cast On Us

Everyone has always said that your child will just say things, random things, leaving you wondering how did they learn that? I remember when...

Enjoying the Grass in the Deserts of Dubai

When I finally woke up, not sure what time it was nor what time my body thought it was, I went to the bathroom...
El Anaz - Istanbul, Turkey

Elanaz Hotel Makes Turkey Visit Perfect

I don’t know what it is about Turkey, but I already love it. Maybe it’s because I read the entire history of the Ottomans....

Differences Between American and Kenyan Dairy Products and Road Rules

Just a quick note about the differences in our dairy section and Kenyan’s dairy products. See, we have a section of the stores just...