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The Architecture of Bucharest’s Buildings

We got our self-guided walking tour of Bucharest started at Strada Pictor Barbu Iscovescu and walking up to Piaţa Romană. Those are street names....

I Would Like Najwa To Consider Being A Scientist Of Some Sort, So I...

When is it still too young to start buying gifts that don't come in bright colors, make baby sounds or have long fake hair?...

The Art of Burning at the Renwick Gallery

There's a new exhibit at the Renwick Gallery, easily one of our favorite museums. The theme was The Art of Burning. The Burning Man...
Najwa the Engineer

Allowing Words To Manifest Who Najwa Becomes In The Future

Back in college, Rukiyah Abdullah, a good friend of mine, used to have this saying that has become a way of thinking for me....

Viewing Jupiter, The Moon, Otherworldly Stuff At The Astronomy Festival

The ladies and I headed out to the National Mall to check out Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and some really cool telescopes.
Boat Trip - Annapolis, Maryland

Day Trip Back Out to Annapolis

The ladies and I decided to take a day trip to Annapolis, MD. It’s just an hour or so down the road, but a...

Welcome to Beautiky

Near the light switch at the bottom of the steps was a note advertising a new beauty shop being set up upstairs. Follow...