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Kalmar Nyckel in Wilmington, Delaware

Exploring The Kalmar Nyckel Museum In Delaware

Around the corner from our visit to Fort Christina Park is a museum, featuring the Kalmar Nyckel, but also a tribute to world exploration...

Egyptian Night: Burning Iron

Who knew that heated hot enough that iron interacts with the oxygen in the air and actually burns?

Welcome to Beautiky

Near the light switch at the bottom of the steps was a note advertising a new beauty shop being set up upstairs. Follow...
National Law Enforcement Museum

Building Bombs, Defusing Bombs and Meeting Bomb Techs

When my family returned from my dad's military posting in Germany back in 1991, the Rodney King video and aftermath were well underway. ...
Najwa at DC Prep - UChicago

Preparing for College Ridiculously Early Because Who Knows When Life Will Get in the...

I was a straight A student that knew nothing about college. When it was time to learn, life got in the way of those who were supposed to teach me. I'm getting a head start with my daughter because you never know what life has in store for the future.

Foil Etching

When aluminum and copper sulfate come in contact, nothing happens. But then you add sodium chloride.

The Walking Tour of Bucharest, Romania Continues

More photos from our self-guided walking tour of Bucharest, Romania. We started this trip downtown Bucharest and walked the entire length back north to...