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Differences Between American and Kenyan Dairy Products and Road Rules

Just a quick note about the differences in our dairy section and Kenyan’s dairy products. See, we have a section of the stores just...
Istanbul, Turkey

Walking Around Sultanahmet Square Looking for a Place to Warm Up

After visiting the Blue Mosque, we walked around the tourist area, checking out the other landmarks. In the plaza area near the Blue Mosque...

Learning About Liberia

For class Najwa had a project to create a poster board presentation about an African country and its main agricultural and natural resources. ...

Results of Najwa’s Pepsi-Coke-Root Beer Taste Test Challenge

Najwa wanted to do the Pepsi-Coke challenge, a blind taste test to see which one she would like better. One thing you have to know...

Our First Capital BBQ Festival

The third trimester is fast approaching so wifey's going to have to start carrying around a bit more weight. And our doctor said...
Family in Kitui, Kenya

Four Generations of Malombes, Comparing Photos from Then and Now

You know, when you blog about traveling, you do what you can to make it worth reading for anyone who, well, reads the blog....

Najwa and Laundry Duty

Najwa forgot to bring her clothes down in time for the laundry, so she had to figure out how to do her own laundry.