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Boat Trip - Annapolis, Maryland

Day Trip Back Out to Annapolis

The ladies and I decided to take a day trip to Annapolis, MD. It’s just an hour or so down the road, but a...

Hiking Whiteoak Canyon Trail in Shenandoah Mountains

Looking for a place to visit among the mountains of the Shenandoah, I randomly picked a hiking trail that led to a waterfall. ...

What Happens When You Pour Milk Into Coke?

I was randomly looking for quick and easy science projects online and saw one that takes no time at all. Just pour milk...

Najwa Becomes a Certified Game Developer

Najwa completes the first of several modules to earn her White Hat Jr. Game Developer Certification.

Roosevelt Island

When crossing over I-66 from DC to Virginia along the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge, it barely registers that you briefly cross over Roosevelt Island....
Najwa at DC Prep - UChicago

Preparing for College Ridiculously Early Because Who Knows When Life Will Get in the...

I was a straight A student that knew nothing about college. When it was time to learn, life got in the way of those who were supposed to teach me. I'm getting a head start with my daughter because you never know what life has in store for the future.
Nduku, Shay and Mwende in Annapolis, Maryland

Visiting Annapolis, MD and The U.S. Naval Academy

Shay, one of Nduku’s friends, was in town visiting, and we all took a trip out to Annapolis, MD. We walked around a bit,...