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Lincoln Waffle Shop

Across from the Ford Theater, where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, it a local favorite called the Waffle Shop. It always seems so...
Nduku, Shay and Mwende in Annapolis, Maryland

Visiting Annapolis, MD and The U.S. Naval Academy

Shay, one of Nduku’s friends, was in town visiting, and we all took a trip out to Annapolis, MD. We walked around a bit,...
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

Visiting The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

The Hagia Sophia has always been atop of my bucket list. I finally had the chance to visit it during a one-day layover in Istanbul, Turkey.
National Math Festival, Washington DC

National Math Festival

When math is a subject that gets a lot of love in the home, how could we not attend the National Math Festival? This little...

Revisiting Scratch at Northeast Library in Capitol Hill

Though I work at a place that teaches college graduates how to code, I haven't made a big push for Najwa to learn how...
Istanbul, Turkey

Walking Around Sultanahmet Square Looking for a Place to Warm Up

After visiting the Blue Mosque, we walked around the tourist area, checking out the other landmarks. In the plaza area near the Blue Mosque...

Developing The Engineer In Najwa At The NBM’s “Play Work Build” Exhibit

Everyone who knows me knows I’m an advocate for girls focusing on STEM . More specifically, I want to encourage Najwa to focus on...