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Najwa with spatula

Teaching Life Skills While in the Kitchen

Just as muscles need to be overworked until they're sore to grow, kids need failures to learn the skills to make them successful. And where better to suffer failures and successes than in the kitchen?

Staying Out Late Watching The Illusionists

It's the holidays and the holidays are known for its magical qualities. So, why not check out some magicians? When I first saw the...
Najwa's First Day of School at DC Prep

Najwa’s First Day of School

Several weeks ago parents whose child was a first-timer at DC Prep had to attend orientation. Do you know how long it’s been since...
National Math Festival, Washington DC

National Math Festival

When math is a subject that gets a lot of love in the home, how could we not attend the National Math Festival? This little...

Our First Capital BBQ Festival

The third trimester is fast approaching so wifey's going to have to start carrying around a bit more weight. And our doctor said...

Mongolia Day at the National History Museum

Took Najwa and her friend Azaria to the National Museum of Natural History for Mongolia Day. They watched a performance of a Mongolian...

Getting The Fat and Protein Clots Out the Milk

When you think of milk, you think of a creamy liquid. For tonight's MEL Science experiment, Najwa was going to separate the liquid from...