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Visiting Portland’s Sister City Suzhou While Still in Portland

Because of another conference being held after the conference we were at, the hotel was at full capacity. Meaning we had to check out...

The Art of Burning at the Renwick Gallery

There's a new exhibit at the Renwick Gallery, easily one of our favorite museums. The theme was The Art of Burning. The Burning Man...
Reptiles Alive at Woodridge Library in Washington DC

Reptiles, Books And Just Playing Around At The New Woodridge Library

Najwa and I took a trip down the road to check out the new Woodridge Library. I had planned on coming here eventually,...
Bosporus, Istanbul, Turkey

Bosphorus Boat Tour In Istanbul, Turkey

After waiting a little longer than I would’ve preferred, we were finally on our way to the boat for the Bosphorus Boat Tour. As...

Jurassic Quest

Several years ago we got Najwa an Xbox. I read some articles about how Minecraft was pretty popular in schools and for kids...

Turkish Festival 2018

It's not the most exhilarating street festival, but somehow we've made the Turkish Festival a routine event to attend. The weather is usually...

Dad’s First TikTok: A Happy Najwa is a Happy Dad

Najwa started using a new app called TikTok. Apparently it's the next generation's version of SnapChat. And whenever she joins social media...