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Ft. Christina National Historic Landmark - Wilmington, Delaware

The Swedes Had A Settlement In America?

Since we were only staying one night in Wilmington, Delaware, once we checked out the hotel, we had to maximize our time before heading...

Soy Chicken, Baked Beans, Biscuits and Broccoli by Chef Najwa

Yesterday we took it easy preparing dinner, settling for homemade hamburgers and mashed potatoes. Tonight, we did something still pretty simple but with...

Looking for New Destinations at the Washington Travel & Adventure Show

We're a family that travels. We have a few plans percolating at the moment, we're always open to discovering new places to add...

Don’t Look Now But I’m Raising a Free Range Child

I know it's s scary thought. Not knowing where your child is every single minute while out in public. But ask yourself -- when is it time to let them explore the world? Let them learn now while you're near or when they leave for adulthood and are surrounded by everyone but you?

Viewing Jupiter, The Moon, Otherworldly Stuff At The Astronomy Festival

The ladies and I headed out to the National Mall to check out Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and some really cool telescopes.

Learning Korean From a Korean in Korea

With the pandemic locking everyone up in the homes, it gets a bit more challenging finding things for your kid to do. Fortunately,...
El Anaz - Istanbul, Turkey

Elanaz Hotel Makes Turkey Visit Perfect

I don’t know what it is about Turkey, but I already love it. Maybe it’s because I read the entire history of the Ottomans....