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Using Chromatography to Understand Marker Colors

You would think that a black marker has black ink. And a green marker has green ink. But do they? That...
El Anaz - Istanbul, Turkey

Elanaz Hotel Makes Turkey Visit Perfect

I don’t know what it is about Turkey, but I already love it. Maybe it’s because I read the entire history of the Ottomans....

The Architecture of Bucharest’s Buildings

We got our self-guided walking tour of Bucharest started at Strada Pictor Barbu Iscovescu and walking up to Piaţa Romană. Those are street names....

Finally Planting the Seed Ball from AAAS Family Science Day

A few months ago at the AAAS Family Science Day, Najwa visited a table where she made a seed ball. Basically, it's a...

Staying Out Late Watching The Illusionists

It's the holidays and the holidays are known for its magical qualities. So, why not check out some magicians? When I first saw the...

Najwa Missing the Finger-Licking Enjoyment of Buffalo Wings

Life is going to present challenges almost every single day. It's always a constant struggle to not let them get us down. ...
Kalmar Nyckel in Wilmington, Delaware

Exploring The Kalmar Nyckel Museum In Delaware

Around the corner from our visit to Fort Christina Park is a museum, featuring the Kalmar Nyckel, but also a tribute to world exploration...